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Have you been struggling with passing your ACT? If yes, this should not worry you at all. Thousands of students face the same struggles as you. This can be attributed to students lacking tips they can employ to enhance their ACT scores.

If you have already done the test, doing it for the second time will make it look easier. Even though how the questions are set will look the same, you will know what to expect. This will keep you less anxious. Do not be worried if your first ACT results do not look good. Enroll for Prep Courses by Prep Expert , and surely your score will improve.
Below are some tips that can help you to improve your ACT score:

Set the Score You Intend to Achieve

For anything you do in life, setting goals to make it gives you a clear idea of what you should do. So it is the same case with your ACT scores. That means that you should set a target on what you should score in each section and how you will effectively manage your time during the test.
Your target score should be realistic. You should factor in the score range of the students admitted to the colleges you intend to join and the score you managed to get in your first ACT. This will give you an optimum target which you can work towards achieving it.

Identify the Mistakes You Committed

You cannot find a solution to an issue without knowing what is causing it. That is why you need to look at what pulled you back at your last ACT. Your score can be affected by anxiety, especially if you find out your practice ACT score is much higher than that of the real test. Fortunately, your fear can cease to exist when you redo the test.
If your mistakes are content-based, then failure to get the desired score is because of weaknesses in ACT content knowledge. You can improve on this by studying the specific content that is usually tested in the ACT.

Manage Your Time Well

use time well

Poor time management during the tests is one of the reasons why many students do not achieve the desired ACT score. If you do not work on answering the questions quickly, you will end up running out of time before answering all the questions. If you run out of time in a section, then your pace is not good enough. And if you have a lot of time remaining after you are done with a part, you probably are moving too fast.

Seek Help

You can look for qualified ACT tutors to assist you in improving your score. You can go for private tutors or explore other options depending on your budget. For a tight budget, you can get in touch with a tutoring company near you.

Microsoft Excel is the standard spreadsheet application personal and business world use. There are, however, many important reasons why Excel training will make a significant impact on the company and employee productivity. If you experience any of the following things, then it is time to think about your Excel training needs.

Data Loss

excel data

If you are always searching for data like order numbers or invoice details, then Excel may help you in getting vital information as well as give you filters to call up the necessary figures. The spreadsheets are very large that they can contain all your data. Pivot tables also provide a summary of specific parts of the Excel document so if you want to call sales figures for particular months, then these mini-reports will do

Missed Deadlines

Excel training helps you to finish data entry jobs accurately and quickly, so you can focus on analysis. Excel, for instance, includes formulas and functions can automate regular calculations and options to present data in a range of charts to make it easy to spot trends and monitor costs. You can easily find commands that allow you to alter and save data and the intuitive cells and fields remember past entries so you will not need to retype words.

Constant Pressure at Work

Some managers usually want results as soon as possible putting you under a lot of pressure to get spreadsheets completed. Delegation is, however, easy when using Excel so, if you are always under pressure, then ward off requests by getting your co-workers involved. You can upload the spreadsheets to shared networks for others to fill in cells and fields depending on the set permissions.

Presentations Fizzle Out

person doing presentationMeetings are becoming increasingly more visual thanks to programs such as PowerPoint. However, occasionally, even this software requires to be populated with files like spreadsheets which may not look interesting. If you find that your colleagues seem uninterested or not grasping the information you lay out for them, then try putting the data into an Excel document where you can add visuals.

Projects Go Over Budget

If you are constantly making calls because projects need their budgets increased, it could be a sign that you are not keeping track of finances. Excel has various templates designed for specific uses from personal finance planners to businesses. Therefore, if you have taken out a loan or creating cash flow for the next one year, then Excel spreadsheets are for you.

If you experience any of these, then you need to consider taking a Microsoft Excel course. Such courses will help you to make both your personal work and office work easier.

Refresher course is termed as a retraining. Such a course serves to reacquaint and familiarize one with material and information that they previously studied. Refresher training is based on the premise that an individual needs to reorient themselves on previously learned skills and possibly acquire new skills. There may be other reasons why one would want to take a refresher course in whatever profession they are in. Below are some.

Why Take A Refresher Course

New Requirements

Depending on the profession one is in some regulations, and requirements need to be met. Some may have woman in glasses reading bookbeen in existence before and recently changed to met certain standards. Either as a directive from governments or bodies overseeing particular professions. Thus to achieve this requirement, one needs to undergo a refresher course like a STCW refresher to reorient themselves of the previous conditions and learn what needs to be done to met the newly introduced stipulations. Such professionals can be maritime, teachers, nurses, truck drivers and drivers in general to mention a few.

Get the best out of an employee

Some employers choose to do a refresher course for their employees. Such could be done with the intention to grow their skill so that they can be able to be more productive. Employees who are retrained will feel valued, gain confidence to perform better. Furthermore, the team’s morale will be boosted which has an effect on increasing performance. Moreover, the employer will benefit by increasing the pool of talent in the organization, which means there will be more skilled and competent workers. Further increasing the retention of staff, who feel the organization is intentional in growing their professional career.

Keep pace with new technology and trends

presentation Another important reason why it is necessary to take a refresher course is to keep up and know about new technological advancements in the particular profession one is in. Moreover, to also learn and familiarize themselves with the latest trends in the particular field. Innovation and change go hand in hand with new technology and ideas come new ways of doing things. These ways often produce better results. Thus continuing doing what has been familiar may lead to a person or company being obsolete and irrelevant.

In conclusion, taking a refresher course has significant benefits either to an individual or a company willing to take their employees through it. For an individual, the refresher course will improve their career prospectives. For a company employee productivity which results to meeting the companies goals.

There are various types of student loans you can select from. However, the secret of finding the best one for you that fits your circumstances and situation are different. Moreover, you ought to consider future implications, which affect you after completing your studies. Whenever you borrow money, you should start thinking about the long-term effects of it. Black Enterprise article provides insights into student loans. It is necessary to choose a loan wisely so that you minimize your exposure to long-term debt.


Federal loans arPiggy Banke the most popular. However, they do have borrowing limits. The good thing about them is that they have got lower interest rates as compared to other types of student loans. Moreover, they give you the ability to defer your payments and have a relaxed borrowing criteria. There are several organizations that provide loans with different sorts of incentives. Usually, they are in the form of reduced interest rates, and no borrowing fees. Some companies provide a fulfilling criterion. Also, you may be offered a reduction on the loan balance if you are making your payments in time.


The other option to consider is private student loans. It is important to consider it and compare it to federal loans. You should regard them as a means to assist you to subsidize your federal loans. You should note that terms for these loans do vary from one financial institution to another. The credit score determines the amount of loan and interest rates applied.

Check first

This is an imStudents graduation portant thing you need to take into account. It is necessary to talk to concerned people in your college, carry out extensive research and compare different loans. Outline the different advantages of these loans. You ought to check with a financial aid office for student loan recommendations. It is necessary to borrow wisely. This is because every dollar you are borrowing will have to be repaid.

Other means

You ought to prepare well for future income. Always look around and search online for the income opportunities. Do not fall for get-rich programs. Instead try proved and tested ways of supplementing your income.

Importance of student loans

These are funds meant to help you complete your college studies, get a job, and then start paying. They are a good deal since they are sold at below-market interest rates. It does not matter who is taking the loan (whether student or parent), the tax deduction is the same.

Ultrasound technician is professional health workers that deal with strong waves that help to screen the body organs such as during pregnancy. They diagnose different health complications on the patients as well as treat any health conditions. Usually, the ultrasound technician mostly deals with scanning body organs through the aid of the waves, thus monitoring the health development of the pregnant mothers. This helps to overall assess the condition of the patient and offer the treatment procedures. The ultrasound technician must be knowledgeable in all sciences as well as understand the overall health of the patient. The medical diagnostic sonographer is one of the equipment that the ultrasound technicians use.

He must, therefore, possess some distinguished education requirements which include:

1. Associate’s degree

ultrasound testAssociate’s degree in ultrasound technician is the most basic education requirement for all practitioners of the ultrasound. The requirement usually arms the students with knowledge on how to screen the organs and other body parts about the health complication of the patient. It often helps to monitor the baby movement during the pregnancy, which leads to obtaining quality results regarding the health of both the mother and the unborn child. With this education qualifications, the students are in a position of writing medical exams such as ARDMS. This is a qualification entry for all sonographers.

2. Bachelor’s degree in ultrasound

A bachelor’s degree usually is a much-advanced qualification that requires the ultrasound technician to have completed the associate’s degree as well be conversant with radiation therapy. It is a four-year course that usually looks forward to advancing your professional skills.You must also be a certified diagnostic registered ultrasound technician. Apart from this, they are required to possess a broad knowledge of biology, physics, lab equipment, medical terminology and well-developed interaction skills with the patient. The bachelor’s degree is usually a qualification that helps the technician acquire more advanced salaries, to become a consultant of the ultrasound issues and become a director and an educator of the ultrasound studies.

3. Certificate program

Usually, the certification of the ultrasound technician is a qualification that accredits the technician with enough knowledge. This is usually acquired after the students have undergone the associate’s degree, bachelor’ s degree in sonography then certification is issued after. It usually takes One year and 18 months to complete the whole package of certification. This can help the sonographers earn the vocational certificate in sonography.


For certification of ultrasound to be given, the students must have shown undoubted knowledge in anatomy, physiology, medical communications terms, physics and much more. This would help the student to become more knowledgeable and even perfect his skills in ensuring that he can be able to produce images after proper scanning. Apart from that, he can be able to offer quality diagnosis results as he is appropriately qualified. The salaries increase upon acquiring certification with ultrasound technician certificates.


Ultra sound being done on womanUltrasound technician is usually required to produce education qualifications which are certified by a qualified sonography department. This helps to clarify the requirements of this technician and also assess his ability to diagnose the health conditions of the patients. Apart from that, he will be in a position to give credible health procedures to aid in treating the ailments in patients.