Four Disadvantages Of Home Schooling

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Most parents today, prefer homeschooling their children. To them, there are many benefits to children who study from home. For some, they find it difficult to cope at school which is the reason why some parents choose to home school them.

However, some drawbacks come with homeschooling, here are four disadvantages of homeschooling:

Lack Of Socialization

Most of the home schooled children rarely get the chance to interact with others. This denies them peer socialization that’s crucial in learning social norms and values. Lack of social development may affect their behavior in group settings. While other children in school participate in activities such as scouting, club related activities and organized recreational sports, the home schooled don’t.

Besides, they may end up regretting at missing school experiences like riding the school bus. This may result into them being singled out from other children in their neighborhood who go to school.

Lack Of Certified Teacherswoman reading book

One thing that stands is that a trained teacher is always more effective than a parent. Most parents feel that they can do a better job than a professional teacher. However, to be a home school parent, you need to reorganize your personal life.

Besides, most home schooled children may not have as much time, attention and resources as children who attends school.


Depending on the curriculum and the school selected, you may view homeschooling as a cheaper idea. However, you will be forced to incur the cost of purchasing all school supplies, project materials, books, …

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